Our Curriculum works best when teachers and parents work together. Each of us has something valuable to contribute. We do our part in training your child to interact with his/her environment in a positive way. We assess your child to see how he/she is doing in comparison with other children their age. We ask that you show a great interest in your child's day at Reggio Emilia!


Our curriculum touches each area of development:

Social - We help children to feel comfortable in school while guiding them as they develop relationships with fellow classmates through group activities and play.

Emotional - We help them to develop pride in their work by giving them positive feedback on all their projects, activities and accomplishments. This encourages good attitudes and positive self worth.

Cognitive - We help children become confident learners by allowing them to express their own ideas in projects, crafts, and activities. We guide them in problem solving letting them arrive at the answer through their own thought process. We ask questions and allow them to answer in their own words. They are given many opportunities to observe and find out how, what, where, and why.

Physical - Children are balls of energy. We give them activities that challenge their large and small motor skills development. This is a vital part of our curriculum because children need to be able to "do". Children will have outdoor play on a daily basis unless weather is inclement.